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    1. Taking legal advice from anyone
    2. Badmouthing the ex in front of the children
      Putting down or in any way disrespecting your ex — regardless how justified or tempting it may be — creates confusion, guilt, sadness, insecurity and oftentimes depression in kids. When you put down their other parent, your children are likely to interpret it as a put-down of part of them. ‘Something’s wrong with me’ becomes the child’s unconscious belief. Minding your tongue around your children can be one of the most difficult behaviors to master after a divorce — but it is also one of the behaviors that will reap the greatest rewards for your family. Don’t let anger, bitterness and indiscriminate remarks effect and harm your children.
    3. Failing to anticipate how long the divorce will be
    4. Not including retirement funds and the kids’ college education in the divorce proceedings
    5. Not considering alternatives to litigation
    6. Refusing to co-parent
    7. Letting emotions take over
    8. Forgetting about taxes
    9. Refusing to compromise
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